Community-focused care

This Community will Support You, Listen to You and advocate for you

Black women are three to five times more likely to die of complications related to pregnancy than their White Counterparts and 80% of those deaths are PREVENTABLE. 

YOU are the expert on your own body. If you say something is wrong, we will advocate to get you the immediate care you deserve. 

What is The Perinatal Care Coordination Model?

The Perinatal Care Coordination Model (PCC) is a community-focused care model providing evidence-based providers that every perinatal mother should have access to in addition to their OB/GYN and/or midwife. This model can expand to fit the needs of:

mamas deserve to be heard

As community care providers and advocates, one of our priorities is for healthcare professionals such as OB/GYNs, pediatricians, midwives and community birth workers to integrate the routine screening of postpartum depression into their standard of care. If you are a maternal health professional interested in learning more about screening recommendations, implementation or our Referral System of Support, click Here to fill out our inquiry form!