Services and Care pathways

Postpartum Hygiene is a human right

Having access to the resources needed to support postpartum hygiene and self-care are a HUMAN RIGHT. Black/Brown Mamas deserve to not only have access to these resources to but to have access in quantities that MAKE SENSE (5 pads and an ice pack don’t cut it!). Our Postpartum Peace Packs are FREE and include:

The Postpartum Peace Pack

Postpartum care pathways that Fits the needs of our clients

Postpartum Peace of Mind offers two pathways for care to clients: The Service Pathway and the Cohort Pathway.  Each options includes access to the resources needed to thrive during the postpartum period.

Service Pathway

The Service Pathway provides specific products/services to our clients. These services include Postpartum Peace Packs, blood pressure monitors, referrals to qualified professionals and education and training. Service Pathway members also have the option to participate in facilitated group therapy sessions and receive free self-care gifts.

Cohort Pathway

The Cohort Pathway serves as a long-term commitment to postpartum care and research. For our Cohort members, our timeline for care starts before baby arrives and continues until 1 year postpartum and beyond. Each phase of care includes collaborative data collection and resources needed to help mom thrive during that stage of their postpartum journey. 

Benefits of the Service Pathway (Click to learn more)

Benefits of the Cohort Pathway (Click to learn more)

Our Services

Our accessible, evidence-based services are available both in-person (local to South Florida) and virtually to clients. 

Access to Mental Health Care

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Lactation Support

Postpartum Planning & Doula Services

Postpartum Recovery Support

Perinatal Fitness Services

Access to Nutrition Support

Self-Care Opportunities