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Join the movement for mamas

Our donors and volunteers are invaluable to supporting our mission to protect the lives of Black and Brown Mamas. We could not offer the range of services or quality of care we provide at no cost without your generosity and commitment to improving the health outcomes of Women of Color. 


Want to buy a postpartum kit for a family member? Interested in purchasing our Peace of Mind Postpartum Self-Care Items? 100% of proceeds from item sales goes to supporting Mamas of Color!


Interested in volunteering your time and talents to support Mamas of Color? We would love to have you. Email us at to learn more about volunteer opportunities available. 


Donating to Postpartum Peace of Mind is investing in improved healthcare outcomes for Black and Brown women in our community.  

A gift of $50 provides a free Postpartum Peace Pack to a Mom in need. 

$100 provides a free therapy session for a mom demonstrating signs of postpartum depression. 

$1000 provides in-home blood pressure monitors 30 Mamas. 

Every gift is needed and Every gift is appreciated. 

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